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I arrived on the Big Island over 30 years ago. Kona was a village, no street lights, a little store.  I came to visit my sister, who, along with her husband Tom, created Dive Makai, a premier destination scuba dive business. My first day in Hawaii on the boat I saw a humpback whale breach entirely out of the water 100 yards away from us!. I was smitten and knew this Paradise was my home. It was also the nurturing grounds for developing my skills in photography, translating my degree and training in dramatic arts (UConn BFA-1976-suma cum laude), my passion for beauty, people and nature into a bountiful creative profession. I apprenticed with Jerry Seely studio (at age 80+ she still is doing what she loves and taught me to love in St. George, UT.) and she mentored me for 5 years  in the art of wedding and family portraiture. When she "retired" and moved from Hawaii, I ventured on my own in 1985 as Picture This Photographics. Fast forward to the present, transition from film to digital, and thousands of events later,  the passion and principal are still the same.I LOVE photography. I LOVE photographing weddings, events  and life celebrations,  and I love photographing people! That is the driving force behind what I do.

You are creating the event/wedding of your dreams and your images are the most important memories you will have remaining after everything else is done and faded away. Are those memories worth entrusting to someone  less experienced ? Do they truly care more about your wedding pictures or just paying their rent? Will they shoot your wedding with a full arsenal of equipment including backups of everything? Do they know how to take good portraits of all kinds of people as well as trendy candids? Will they dress nicely so as not to show up an embarrassment at your wedding? Will they behave as true professionals by showing up on time  (if at all?), confident , well equipped and excited about your wedding? Maybe your friend/uncle/babysitter/auto mechanic has a good camera and takes great photos of, landscapes/pets/cars etc. but a wedding or family event is no training ground for an amatuer..  I've heard many horror stories over the years of regretful decisions when $$ issues reigned.  I offer you a quote from a recent bride and groom whose arm I had to "twist" to pay for  truly professional photography:

"Lisa and I are thrilled with the photos and video and so are friends and family. We both agreed not to have these treasures would have been a disaster and think you are remarkable at what you do....Thanks again for all we are so happy we met you and Fiji (my principal videographer) and we are happy to give you both a nice review." --- Rick and Lisa Catrera-married at the Waikoloa Marriott

I guarantee the quality of my work and your satisfaction backed by over 25 years of experience and quality referrals from the many couples I have photographed and the seasoned wedding professionals I have  worked with at the island's finest resorts and venues.  I have the skills to position people quickly and with right lighting, backgrounds and a sense of humor to put them at ease, which less skilled photographers are clueless about. I can take good pictures under the most trying conditions which less skilled photographers are clueless about (bad lighting, after dark lighting, indoors, outdoors, bright sun, contrasty light) and I take pride in my ability to produce great photos of any subject matter from the most flattering perspectives. Many contemporary photographers are too caught up in their egos and arsty ideas without considering if they are flattering  their subject matter.  For me, that is the most important aspect of my job!

Event  photo opportunities unfold quickly and spontaneously and there is a certain amount of gentle choreography involved yet one also has to anticipate and find  great images that capture the spirit, without interfering with the emotional flow of the event.  For most couples this is a once in a lifetime event and they are often nervous, overwhelmed with excitement and are happy to have an intuitive photographer who is experienced and calm and that helps them to be at ease and enjoy their special day.  My favorite compliments are when  guests  compliment me on what a great job I did at an event before they've even seen the pictures!

In conclusion, I thank you for your time and interest in reviewing these details on my website. For great memories, excellent values, professional service and quality worthy of the energy you are investing in your event, contact Thalia for pricing and additional information.

We do it all-we do it well and we do it with ALOHA STYLE!


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