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"Ho’oipoipo O Wai’anapenapa" by permission of George Kahumaku Jr
from his "Kani Wai (Sound of Water)" album. 

Aloha Thalia,
Yes, I have both the CD and the prints now. They are lovely and I am very glad that I decided to get the CD. I have been showing them to everyone and they all loved them too. Any chance I get I will refer to both you and Rev. Libby. I consider myself lucky since I really did all of this planning through a google search and it could have very easily turned out that I picked someone who would not only be a scam, but not as good or professional as the two of you were. Thank you so very much for making my wedding a memory I will not forget- Namaste, Kimberly (wedding designed by Weddings a la Heart)


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