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"through intuitive portraiture I seek out the inner expressive being
in harmony  with our dramatice light and landscapes....."

Link to Portrait Slide Show
Link to Portrait Slide Show

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"He Aloha No 'O Honolulu" by Mango from "My Paradise Hawaii"

 Preserve your Hawaiian memories of aloha for generations through quality, creative portraiture on at the location of your choice ----  call or write for an appointment.

(Lori wanted some updated mid life portraits as she re-entered the dating scene) 

"I posted a few of the photos on my Facebook page -the results are amazing! Everyone is very surprised by how well I 'clean up'. J I have never been called 'gorgeous” before!! I mentioned in the comments that “Thalia at Aloha Photographics” took the photos—is it OK if I link to your website from my page? Thanks again for a wonderful job!” --  Lori Pearce-(local resident)

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